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Sicao (Belgium)

Sicao is a brand name of the Barry-Callebaut group.

The chocolate types couverture and compound are produced in the chocolate factory of Barry-Callebaut. Due to the lower taxation for products from ASEAN countries you will get prime quality for good value.

Products from the following groups are available:

  • Chocolate Couvertures - Blocks & Coins (Dark, Milk, White)
  • Chocolate Compounds & Coatings - Blocks (Dark, Milk)
  • Chocolate Chips - suitable for cookies


Products From Sicao

Art.# Producer Items Packing Category Chocolate Type Chocolate % keyword keyword1 keyword2 keyword3
26-130206 Sicao Dark Chocolate Compound Versa (Coins) 10 kg / box Food
26-140207 Sicao White Versa compound(Coins) 12.5 kg / box Food
26-2512014 Sicao Chocolate Drops for Cookies (7500 pcs/kg) 1kg / box Food
26-2512015 Sicao White Chocolate Drops for Cookies 12.50 kg / box Food
26-450106 Sicao Dark 57% Classic 2.50 kg / block 57% Food
26-460106 Sicao Milk 36% Classic 2.50 kg / block 36% Food
26-470106 Sicao White Classic 2.50 kg / block Food
26-770206 Sicao Dark 57% Classic (Coins) 1.50 kg / bag 57% Food
26-780206 Sicao Milk 36% Classic (Coins) 1.50 kg / bag 36% Food
26-790206 Sicao White Classic (Coins) 1.50 kg / bag Food
26-V-S039 Sicao Chocolate Drops for Cookies (22000 pcs/kg) 1.00 kg / box Food
26-V-S041 Sicao Chocolate Drops for Cookies (11000 pcs/kg) 1.00 kg / box Food

These are only a few of the selected products we sell . If you would like anything else please contact one of our sales team on (02) 3814895-98 or complete an enquiry form

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