Format - Croissants  
Ingrendients Notes
Wheat Flour 2.000kg Based on natural malt, it gives your product a even better volume. Also it improves crust colour whist keeping quality.
Format V 2000 0.030kg Addition 1.5%
Ireks-Wheat Sour 0.060kg
Instant Yeast 0.040kg
Salt 0.040kg
Suagr 0.140kg
Whole Egg 0.100kg
Butter 0.080kg
Instructions Milk (cold) 0.300l
Dissolve sugar and salt in milk and water. Then mix with the remaining ingredients to a firm dough. Fold in 250g of butter or margarine per 1kg dough in 3 simple turn. Process the dough as usual. Water (cold) 0.700l
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