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Non Food Items
  • Anneliese (Germany): Baking trays
  • Deco Relief (France): Aromas and Essences
  • JKV (Netherlands): Chocolate Moulds And Tempering Equipment, etc.
  • Karl Fritz (Germany): Piping Tips, Strainer, Croissant Cutter, etc.
  • Matfer (France): Cake Divider, Piping Tips, Scrapper, Flexipan, etc.
  • Modecor (Italy): Cake Stands, Wedding Dolls, etc.
  • Pavoni (Italy): Cake Cover, Decorations, Transfer Sheets, etc.
  • Schneider (Germany): Whisks, Cutter, Silicon Baking Moulds, etc.
  • Silikomart (Italy): Silicon moulds
  • Thermohauser (Germany): Thermometer, Cake Divider, Scrapper, Silicon Baking Sheets, etc.
  • Victorinox (Switzerland): Knifes, Spatulas, etc.
  • Wilton (U.S.A): Cake Moulds, Cookie Cutter, etc.


Our Range of Products
Art.# Producer Items Category Chocolate Type Chocolate % keyword keyword1 keyword2 keyword3
MA-SPRO 45 Martellato Superflex pastry bag 45 cm Non-Food
MA-SPRO 50 Martellato Superflex pastry bag 50 cm Non-Food
MA-SPRO34 Martellato Superflex pastry bag 34 cm Non-Food
MT-361212 Matfer Aluminium cups 72 mm, 100 pcs / pack Non-Food
36-6801095 Bakels Masterbake sprink (releasing agent) for trays, pans Non-Food
AN-23-BST604L Germany Baguette tray 60 x 40 cm Non-Food
AN-2DISC104G Germany Perforated tray 60 x 40 cm Non-Food
CF-23/16 Hong Kong Aluminium foil container 23 x 16 mm, 100 pcs / pack Non-Food
CF-CCG-150 Hong Kong Paper card gold round (various sizes) Non-Food
CF-PG-001 Hong Kong Paper card gold rectangle (various sizes) Non-Food
LC-OPP-4008 Local Cake sheet plastic, 30 mt / pack Non-Food
PV-BB6-25 Italy Acetate roll, 200 m (2,5 -6 cm) Non-Food
SN-103040 Schneider Baking paper white, 40 x 200 m roll Non-Food
SN-122200 Schneider Muffin cases white, 45 x 65 x 40 mm Non-Food
SN-122210 Schneider Muffin cases white, 50 x70 x 32 mm Non-Food
SN-122220 Schneider Muffin cases white, 50 x 80 x 35 mm Non-Food
SN-160014 Schneider Infrared thermometer (various temperature) Non-Food
SN-170010-15 Schneider Whisk black exoglass handle 25,30,35,40,45,50 cm Non-Food
SN-200103 Schneider Cake stand 3-tiers, white Non-Food
SN-200105 Schneider Cake stand 5-tiers, white Non-Food
SN-255350 Schneider Chocolate fountain 5-tiers Non-Food
TM-472670 Thermohauser Disposable pastry bag 30 cm, 100 pcs / roll Non-Food
TM-472770 Thermohauser Disposable pastry bag 46 cm, 100 pcs / roll Non-Food
TM-473000 Thermohauser Disposable pastry bag, 100 pcs / roll Non-Food
TM-530220 Thermohauser Baking paper white, 200 m / roll Non-Food
TM-532020 Thermohauser Baking paper sheet 40 x 60 cm, 500 pcs / bx Non-Food
TW-115-1935 Sweden White paper cups with trimming, 35 mm, 1000 pcs / pack Non-Food
TW-115-2545 Sweden White paper cups with trimming, 45 mm, 1000 pcs / pack Non-Food
TW-120-1935 Sweden Bown paper cups, 35 mm, 1000 pcs / pack Non-Food
TW-202-1629.1 Sweden White paper cups with 2,9 cm size, 1000 pcs / pack Non-Food
TW-218-1624 Sweden Brown paper cups, 1000 pcs / pack Non-Food
WT-1912-1006 Wilton Lollipop sticks Non-Food
WT-2104-6667 Wilton Cupcake decoration Non-Food
WT-2104-9004 Wilton Chocolate melting pot Non-Food
WT-2105-403 Wilton Mini muffin pan-12 cups, non stick (various sizes) Non-Food
WT-804-167 Wilton Decorators foil - silver EA, 20 x 15 Non-Food
WT-804-183 Wilton Decorators foil - gold EA, 20 x 15 Non-Food
WT-804-191 Wilton Decorators foil - white EA, 20 x 15 Non-Food

These are only a few of the selected products we sell . If you would like anything else please contact one of our sales team on (02) 3814895-98 or complete an enquiry form

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