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Master Martini (Italy)

An Italian producer of semi-finished products for pastry and confectioneries. The company was founded in 1972 by Luciano Martini and offer various goods in true Italian fashion.

Over the years it has developed itself to produce items for a highly specialised and professional market. That ranges from the big food industry to artisanal clients in the Bakery, Catering and Ice Creams markets..


Products from the following groups are available

  • Chocolate Couvertures (Blocks & Coins)
  • Chocolate Compounds
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Non Diary Creams
  • Margarine (with high butter content)
  • Gels
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Products From Master Martini

Art.# Producer Items Packing Category Chocolate Type Chocolate % keyword keyword1 keyword2 keyword3
11-AE40GN Master Martini Mastergel Gold Neutral (cold glazing) 6.00 kg / pail Food
11-AE40ND Master Martini Mastergel Apricot (hot glazing) 12.50 kg / pail Food
11-AG1FAK Master Martini Master Gioia Special (for cakes & creams) 10.00 kg / pail Food
11-AQ48SC Master Martini White 32% Ariba Diamond 10.00 kg / box 32% Food
11-AQ48ZE Master Martini Ariba Special Dark Cocoa Powder 5.00 kg / box Food
11-AQ48ZF Master Martini Ariba Bitter Cocoa Powder 5.00 kg / box Food
11-AQ49BY Master Martini Dark 72% Ariba 2.50 kg / block 72% Food
11-AQ49DJ Master Martini Dark 60% Ariba (Coins) 10.00 kg / box 60% Food
11-AQ49DK Master Martini Milk 32% Ariba (Coins) 10.00 kg / box 32% Food
11-AQ49SD Master Martini Dark 72% Ariba (Coins) 10.00 kg / box 72% Food
11-AS5ABW Master Martini Melange Gold Plus HB* (High Butter, 20%) 2.00 kg / pack Food
11-AV10AS Master Martini Decor Up (Non-Dairy Whipping Cream) for pastry & dessert 1.00 ltr / pack Food
11-AV20BT Master Martini Master Gourmet (Non-Dairy Whipping Cream) for pastry & kitchen 1.00 ltr / pack Food
11-AV50AG Master Martini Monna Lisa (Non-Dairy Whipping Cream) for pastry & decoration 1.00 ltr / pack Food
11-AX44SB Master Martini Caravella Cover White 5.00 kg / pail Food
11-AX44SD Master Martini Caravella Cover Cocoa Dark 5.00 kg / pail Food
11-AX44SE Master Martini Caravella Gianduja Filling 5.00 kg / pail Food
11-AX44SF Master Martini Caravella Hazelnut Filling 5.00 kg / pail Food
11-AX49GM Master Martini Caravella Dark Drops for Cookies (8500pcs/kg) 10.00 kg / box Food
11-AX49GN Master Martini Caravella Dark Compound (Coins) 10 kg / box Food
11-AX49GO Master Martini Caravella White Compound (Coins) 10 kg / box Food

These are only a few of the selected products we sell . If you would like anything else please contact one of our sales team on (02) 3814895-98 or complete an enquiry form

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