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In 1899 Peter Dreidoppel established Dreidoppel company, producing flavourings for food products. For many decades Dreidoppel has been a strong partner for bakers and confectioners, for manufacturers of sweets and ice cream and also for the food industry – both at home and abroad.

Many Innovations such as the famous Citroperl or the market leading product Gelatop contribute to Dreidoppel’s ongoing aim is to creating new flavours.

Their Flavours and Pastes are superior in taste and texture. They are highly concentrated for efficient utilization and authentic aromatic aroma.

Dreidoppel distinguishes itself as a reliable and innovative partner for all those who want to make good things even better. Our contribution to this aim is doing what we do best - a unique world of recipes, flavours and raw materials.

Products from the following groups are available:

  • Fruit- & Flavour Pastes For Dessert & Ice-Cream
  • Flavours For Baking
  • Stabilizer For Milk & Sherbet Ice-Cream
  • Fruit Juice Thickener
  • Fonds


Products From Dreidoppel

Art.# Producer Items Packing Category Chocolate Type Chocolate % keyword keyword1 keyword2 keyword3
10-12466 Dreidoppel Royal Fond Neutral 2.50 kg / bag Food
10-137 Dreidoppel Royal Fond Tiramisu 2.50 kg / bag Food
10-155 Dreidoppel Creme Brulee 1 kg / bag Food
10-1792 Dreidoppel Stollen Spice 1.50 kg / pail Food
10-207 Dreidoppel Strawberry (concentrated paste) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-213 Dreidoppel Blueberry (concentrated paste) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-224 Dreidoppel Pistachio (concentrated paste) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-550 Dreidoppel Ginger Bread Spice 200 gr / pack Food
10-67210 Dreidoppel Pastarom Strawberry Topping 1.00 ltr / btl Food
10-67220 Dreidoppel Pastarom Caramel Topping 1.00 ltr / btl Food
10-67240 Dreidoppel Pastarom Chocolate Topping 1.00 ltr / btl Food
10-67250 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Banana (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67260 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Strawberry (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67270 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Mocca (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67280 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Orange (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67290 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Pistachio (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67300 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Rum 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67310 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Vanilla (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-67320 Dreidoppel Pastarom Paste Lemon (Halal) 1.0 ltr / jar Food
10-704 Dreidoppel Bitter Almond Baking Flavour 1.0 ltr / btl Food
10-711 Dreidoppel Rum Europa Flavour 1.0 ltr / btl Food
10-719 Dreidoppel Vanilla Europa Flavour 1.0 ltr / btl Food
10-721 Dreidoppel Lemon Europa Flavour 1.0 ltr / btl Food

These are only a few of the selected products we sell . If you would like anything else please contact one of our sales team on (02) 3814895-98 or complete an enquiry form

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